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 why play hard to get

As the final installment for our three post series that tackles the behavior and characteristics that lead men to the friendship zone, I reserved the last for the best and to where I believe all men can relate in one way or another. Of all the characteristics and behaviors that I mentioned, this is the most common and widespread. As the title said, it is BEING TOO NICE and NOT ACTING AS A CHALLENGE.


The human psychology, both male and female way of thinking is intriguing in such a way that most of the time; it does not act and behave in a logical and rational matter. For example, a person with diabetes will insist to eat a sweetly baked cake and person who is not feeling well does not have the appetite to eat what is in the table. Despite the known benefits or harm that is planted in our head for doing and not doing a particular thing, most of the time, we act contrary to what is rational and more functional to us. We witness numerous times in ourselves alone these particular phenomena.


Linking this discussion to our topic, why the heck in the world would a woman not to choose a super nice guy? What is going in her head that will make her prefer an ego centric prick rather a saintly creature? Is he really sane to choose a jerk over a nice guy?


The answer also lies in the human psychology but not on the common notion of rationality and our utility but rather to a more underground dynamics of what is really happening in the human mind.

why play hard to get 2Human does not value anything that he or she obtains or can obtain for free and easily. Do you remember the daily or every other day freebie in the grocery or supermarket? When the brochure or the product is handed to you, did you accept it or just walk pass it? If you accepted, did you bother reading it extensively or did you shoot it directly to the nearest trash can?


How about the examination result for a professional licensure exam? You may spend almost 4 years in the university just to be prepared for that exam? You also spent additional time and money for a review centre to really prepare you for the exam? The moment you received the letter stating that you passed, what did you do with the letter? Did you throw direct in to the trash can? Or you took the effort to laminate it?


Remember, they are same piece of paper.


I will not expound this anymore since I know that you know what I am pointing in here.


Nice guys that always fall to the friend zone are just the same as the free brochure being handed in the grocery store. They give their services and self for free. They are handed out rather than bought and sold. Men who know their way to women on the other hand do not hand their selves for free. Aside from being sold and bought, they are the one who choose their buyers.


Being too nice and refusing to be a challenge is the most widespread characteristic that will blow your success to get valuable women. As far as these girls are concerned, you are a mere ‘next guy’. They already have in their little pink notebook of ‘chodes’ the men that will pamper and orbit them. The moment you show your super nice characteristics, you just buy yourself a place in their little pink notebook of chodes.

 why play hard to get 3

What can you do then for your one of a kind name not to enter that little pink notebook? Below are some quick pointers you can use.

· Don’t always be too available.

· Turn down their requests once in a while.

· If you are to grant their request or invitation, ask them to give you something in return (i.e. saying please or asking for a kiss)

· Don’t feel conscious or don’t be afraid to ask them for help.

· Befriend, flirt or engage with other women.


Just like how diamonds are treasured by women because of their rarity and scarcity, me that are challenging also enjoys the same benefits of being treasured and valued. Actually, women fight over with men of this caliber, as Jean de La Bruy√®re would say, “It is because of men that women dislike one another.”






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